Website 10 Benefits of using Business emails for your organization


From small organizations to enterprise cooperation, higher learning institutions to residential homes. Emailing is the preferred medium to communicate and share sensitive information amongst peoples. And as a professional business, spending your money on a proper business email is necessary here is why:

1. It’s a direct link to your website

Having the same web domain as your email address makes it easy for a customer to refer to your website through your email.

2. You look professional and credible

Contacting your potential customers with a business email builds you a trust and credibility. Garnering an image of a professional business, further solidifying your customers impression of your company.

3. Managing Departments

Emails can be given according to department or position, so even if there is a change of personnel the same email might be applicable.

4. Company personnel are easily recognized

Employees with company emails are more likely to be taken seriously by potential customers. It’s the easiest way to say, “I work for them”

5. Ensure Privacy

When you see email providers such as google, they require you to have limits to your privacy. And you concur to this by conforming to their user agreements. However, a good hosting provider makes privacy their outmost concern, ensuring your data is yours.

6. Security

At this day and age data is everything. Choosing the right hosting provider, who pride themselves ensuring your data is safe and secure is in every business best interests. Hosting providers also give the flexibility for customer to fashion and security policies to fit their liking.

7. Your Emails Wont Be Filtered as Spam

Spammers use the  usual webmail providers such as Gmail. Because anyone can sign up for a free email address quickly and easily, potential customers rarely read these emails and mark them as spam. And at times some spam and malware filters webmail providers such as Hotmail as spam. Using business email ensures your email is seen and read.  

8. Company personnel are easily recognized

As opposed to using, using your company name for example is a subtle and effective way to brand your business, and really get your customers familiar with your business name.

9. It is Free Advertisement For Your Business

If you have a website for your business, which includes a domain name and the right hosting plan, a business email comes free of charge.

10. Track and Administer Your Business Emails

You can keep track of all company emails in one hosting platform. And you can administor

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