Uncategorized 10 Benefits for using a .tz domain for businesses based in Tanzania


You have a lot to think about while choosing a domain name. Does it say who you are? Is it catchy? Does it portray the correct the correct perception of your business, as a Tanzanian based company tells your customers you are the right choice for them. So why should you shift to a .tz domain? Here is why:

  • Trust

You want to put Tanzanian customers more at ease. It is what local customers know and prefer. There are criteria to registering domains. To have it you need to be a registered company in Tanzania, garnering trust.

  • Availability

They are readily available. You might want a good domain name, but the .com version is already taken. Use domain to stay consistent with your business name.

  • SEO Advantage

Tz domains rank higher in local search results than all other domains.

  • Targets Your Customers

You are a Tanzanian business for Tanzanian customers . You want to attract primarily Tanzania based customers and visitors. Your customers know they are your target, and your service is explicitly oriented towards them.

  • Shorter, Memorable Domains

It’s unique, concise, and memorable, It evidently helps you stand out as a trusted Tanzanian brand, raising your credibility within the country and abroad. There is no need to register your web design agency as instead, go for a shorter and more memorable domain like

  • Flaunt Your Tanzanian Heritage

Show off your Tanzanian pride and attract partnerships with other Tanzanian companies.

  • TCRA

TCRA published a public notice reminding its recommended that all business entities registered in the country have and use dot(.) tz domain names.

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